our values

Serving metro-detroit women and girls


our values


We believe in showing up as your truest, most authentic self. We don't care about what looks or seems cool, and whether you fit into that or not. We just want you to know that you belong here and are valued by simply being yourself.


You are who you surround yourself with. 

We want you to feel a part of a supportive community that uplifts and empowers one another. We will be there for you, always, and will do our best to curate experiences that allow you to deepen your connections with others.


Love yourself.

Love others.

Love the world.


our team


Serving as a powerful change agent in Metro-Detroit, Nadeen Alaouie has a particular interest in empowering young people, women, and our most vulnerable communities.


As an activist, social entrepreneur, and proud Lebanese Muslim American woman, Nadeen works daily to provide perspective around impact, sustainability, and endless possibilities in her work. 

With a Master's in Social Work from The University of Michigan, Nadeen currently holds her LLMSW and is pursuing LMSWs in clinical and macro-level work.

Zahna Abdallah is an attorney barred in the State of Michigan. She graduated with high honors from Michigan State University College of Law in May 2017 and recently opened up her own law firm, Abdallah Law and Associates. 


Her expertise ranges from Probate and Estate Planning law to Constitutional Law and she hopes to break ground in the revolutionary work that needs to be done around empowering girls and women in our communities.

Aside from her law career, Zahna is a mother to a beautiful baby boy with another on the way.

Myssa Saleh, a Lebanese American Muslim woman born and raised in Dearborn, MI, is a dietetic student in hopes to successfully attain her RDN credential to practice as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She graduated with her masters in Human Nutrition in December of 2016 where she focused her research on diabetes, specifically gestational diabetes mellitus.

She currently works in the public health sector as a nutritionist and certified lactation specialist providing nutrition education and breastfeeding support to pregnant/postpartum women, infants, and children. With a passion for primary prevention and desire to improve the lives of others, Myssa hopes to provide and service her community and individuals alike.

Amanda Ajrouche is a community advocate whose efforts are rooted in empowering women and girls. In her professional capacity, she is the Program Coordinator of the Domestic Violence Prevention Program at ACCESS, the largest Arab American non-profit in the United States, where she works on shifting social and cultural norms to be more gender equitable, as well as fighting to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault through community collaborations.


Amanda is committed to fighting oppression and is involved in community initiatives that serve to empower Arab and Muslim youth. She is dedicated to movements that empower minorities, people of color, refugees and immigrants. Realizing at an early age, that she was dissatisfied with the status quo, Amanda has made it her mission to empower women by any means necessary.

Zainab is a public health advocate with a passion for statistics and all things numbers. She graduated with a dual masters in Public Health and Pharmacology and Toxicology from Michigan State University in May of 2017, and is currently pursuing her Master of
Business Administration.


With a background in government programs compliance and corporate audit experience, Zainab is passionate about putting her skills towards something great. She brings strategy and analytical skills into every space she’s in and
brings a unique perspective to propel her team’s work forward.

Dearborn, MI, USA

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