Designing informed experiences for girls to grow in core competencies of personal, professional, and community development.

Every program component is developed and revised based on input from our girls themselves. Although our team has experts in the field, we know that keeping the voices of our girls at the forefront of our work is critical in its success.

PROGRAM components

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019
The Glowgetter Tour

In an effort to increase our reach and engagement with young girls, our design team created The Glowgetter Tour. This tour includes different "stops" at varying hosting sites including schools, community centers, and other organizations hoping to empower their girls.


At any given tour stop, the audience of girls will have a chance to learn more about WEmpower and how to get involved, hear stories from women they could look up to, and have a little fun in the process. 

With a few years of field research and testing, our team put together an interactive curriculum complete with worksheets and activities that support personal and professional growth in young girls.


In this 10-week program, a WEmpower trained Empowerment Coach facilitates weekly sessions after school with up to 25 girls. The girls receive #GLOWUP Empowerment Bags to support their growth, have access to women mentors through the "Be Our Guest" segment, and have open discussions on current events during a curated roundtable we call "What's the Tea?".

As high school girls make their way through their four years, we are aware that there can be many opportunities for after school activities. Therefore, for the girls who are looking for support but cannot commit to #GLOWUP, we have built out an opportunity for girls to connect with and receive support from women mentors in our community. 

Mentors and mentees will get matched up through a match criteria based on career interests, personal hobbies, and even similarities in personality. Once we virtually match mentors and mentees, we invite them to meet in person at the Mentor Mixer and begin their mentorship journey for the remainder of the school year. 



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